You know your smartphone can do cool things but do you know how to use them? Can you navigate by using coordinates and it's build in GPS? This unique and fun team challenge shows you how.

Each team is issued their mission briefing: get to all the locations in the time allowed, find the missing letters, piece them together and be the first to text back the correct words.
In each teams mission briefing are instructions on how to use the navigation app which will direct them to the locations. There then follows a list of coordinates of the 14 locations which the teams must navigate to. Teams input the coordinates their phone which directs them to the locations, before they depart they must first decide on the most strategic route to get to the stations. There are also clues which will help the teams find the letters they require when they get to the locations.
First team to unscramble the letters, form the words and text them back to HQ are the winners.
A fantastic event to get teams working together strategically and have loads of fun along the way. Available anytime of day or evening.

Event Info

Event: GPS Smartphone Challenge Cork
Location: Cork City Centre
Duration: 2 hours
Includes: everything you need for the event- Event Manager, Challenge Books, Staff, Insurance, Prize. We'll also arrange start and finish points if you like!
Note: this event utilises team members personal smartphones, data use is integral to the challenge.


“We are really enjoyed the event and many thanks for organising it so well. All the guys said it was one of the most interesting events they had taken part in. The loved playing with their phones!!”

— Barclays - GPS Smartphone Challenge

“Thanks a million for your email. I will of course tell my friends and everyone else about you guys!!Feedback from everyone is excellent....everyone had a really great time and thought Your staff were brilliant! The whole thing is such a well organised event! ”

— Google - GPS Smartphone Challenge

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