Can you break your team out of a real Jail? Get the most keys and your team will be the winners and escape!! The perfect Crystal Maze event.

This unique event kicks off with a briefing with the group divided into smaller teams: your mission beat every other team by getting the most keys. You do this by completing the challenges in the cells, cracking the criptic clues, answering the questions and finding the bonus keys.
This fantastic team building event is set in the scarry Cork City Gaol perched high above the City.
You'll get to explore the cells and the grounds of this fantasic historical site and even learn a thing or two about its' historic past.
Your teams are guaranteed fun and laughs. The event wraps up an hilarious prize-giving ceremony. Perfect for a company outing, team building event, corporate away day or adventure outing.
Be Aware: there are other events companies copying our event- this is the original and the best! We've 1,000s of happy clients and we're more than happy to share their feedback with you- just ask!

Event Info

Event: Jail Break™
Location: Cork City Gaol
Duration: 2.5 hours available from 5pm (may be started from 3:30pm- contact us for details)
Includes: everything you need for the event- Event Manager, Challenge Books, Challenges, Location Hire, Staff, Insurance, Prize.

Beware of other companies trying to copy this event- this is the original and by far the best! - setting the standard for high quality, unique events..


“We had a really great time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Jailbreak event! Operation Meltdown looks very interesting and we'll bear it in mind for our next Team Building, and we've also recommended you to our colleagues as well. Many thanks for all the effort you went to, it was a blast! ”

— Blizzard Entertainment- Jail Break- Cork City Gaol

“Thanks again for a wonderful day. Everything was fantastic; the event itself was very well run and very good fun. I have passed on the details to two other groups already so expect to see something coming through on this. From a feedback point of view, despite the fact that there are now several companies doing this kind of thing, it is still difficult to find something that caters to all ages/groups/tastes. As you could see, we had 22 to 62 year olds and they all really enjoyed this event (and it was not weather specific either)…you met and exceeded our expectations! ”

— Pfizer - Jail Break- Cork City Gaol

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