The future of the world depends on your team! A consignment of Plutonium has been stolen from a secure storage facility- the perpetrators are trying to sell the goods onto the black market. If this happens the consequences are dire...

Your team of crack agents have been called in to save the world. You'll have to undercover in this dangerous world of criminality, crack the codes, liase with your agents and then go undercover to meet the criminals. First team to get back to HQ with the Plutonium are the winners!
This fun corporate team building event kicks off with a mission briefing, each team are issued their dossier which sets the scene and outlines their instructions. The first mission is to crack a clue which will lead the teams online which leads the teams to the next part of their mission. A secret cache is hidden in the Cork City Centre which contains a list of clues which will lead the teams around the City Centre to piece together parts of the code. When they've all the code they then contact one of the criminals (played by an actor) who will direct them to the Plutonium.
Another agent is also on hand to help the teams along the way.

Event Info

Event: Operation Meltdown Cork
Location: Cork City Centre
Duration: 2 hours
Includes: everything you need for the event- Event Manager, Actor(s), Dossiers, Staff, Insurance, Prize. We'll also arrange start and finish points if you like!
Note: teams will be required to get online- they can use mobile phones or internet cafes at their own expense


“I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you on behalf of all the staff at Mazda Ireland. All of our staff thoroughly enjoyed there afternoon away from the office and all agreed that the "Espionage" theme was brilliant. I am sure I will be speaking to you again regarding future staff days/nights out. ”

— Mazda Ireland - Operation Meltdown

“Feedback was very excellant. A lot of people of skeptical before the event commenced but once each team received their packs everyone's competitive side kicked in and we all had a great time. I would recommend this event to any one looking to do something different. We were still talking about it the next day at work laughing at people's reactions to clues etc… ”

— SEIC - Operation Meltdown

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